Blogger Meets Bleacher Creatures, Lives to Tell

Wow! What a trip, what a game. Longtime dream fulfilled. And it was a great night.

By total coincidence, we found  ourselves sitting among the infamous Bleacher Creatures of Section 203, who are so notorious, I didn’t know, that they have their own columnist  in the New York Daily News. We were actually interviewed by the guy, who had the noive to ask  how much we’d paid for our tickets. (We weren’t telling.) Here’s what he wrote in the Daily News next day.

So we were right there when the  Creatures did their famous Roll Call, chanting  each Yankee starter’s name until he acknowledges them in some way–and all the players go along with it. Go here and run it to about .45 if you don’t want to see all the prelims. By the way, the Roll Call is G-Rated, unlike some of the Creatures’ other schtick. But it was nothing I hadn’t heard in the 8th grade.

Want more?  It turns out the Creatures also  have their own biography and of course their own Facebook page detailing their history:

Now I understand the memorial plaque to the “original Bleacher Creature,” R. I. P.,  that was affixed to the seat a couple rows down from us.

Anyway, it was a super night that I’ll remember fondly–and the 3-1 Yankees win was  even more than I could ask.


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