Note From the Proprietor: Go Yankees!

No, I haven’t succumbed to the swine flu. No, I’m not still wandering dazed at the State Fair, trying to find the missing Texas offense that never showed up on Saturday vs. OU. And no (bitter local joke ahead), I didn’t take the DART Green Line to the Fair, so I’m not still waiting on the platform somewhere in South Dallas.

I’ve just hit a heavy patch of work, with incoming rounds of assignments bouncing off my flak jacket. Hope to dig out in a day or two and be back with scintillating stuff.

BUT….I do have this: If the New York Yankees cooperate, this time next week I’ll be fulfilling a lifelong dream and checking a big one off my Bucket List. Yes, I’ve bought $$$$$$$$$$ World Series tickets, booked my flight and my hotel, and if the Bronx Bombers come through, I’ll be perched over the Yankees bullpen for Game Two, knowing at last that there is a heaven.

The pesky Angels bounced back in Game 3 yesterday, but my faith in St. A-Rod cannot be shaken.  I’m bound for glory!


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