Sur-Prize: 12 Days That Shook the World

Well, let me share my flabbergastation with much of the world. It’s not only amazing that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize after less than a year less than nine months in office, but it’s even more mind-blowing that he was added to the secret short list for  the Prize after being in office only 12 days, when the nomination process closed.

Best-Case Spin: It’s a kind of promissory note based on the judges’ hopes about what he can accomplish, not what he as done so far, which is little. Those Nobel dudes don’t need much time to size up major potential, apparently.

Worst-Case Spin: Yet another Euro-whack on the Scary America of GWB. Yawn.

Oh. Remember the other day, when I wondered how Obama would bounce back from the Olympic slap? Wow.

More on the Prize here.


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