Obama’s Olympic Flop: Big Deal or Not?

I guess this explains why  I’m not a big-deal pundit outraging literally  hundreds of people  with my own show at 5 AM on MSNBC, like the no-longer-disgraced Don Imus.  When Obama’s 11th hour Copenhagen blitz failed to snag the Olympics for ChiTown, I just thought, well, there you go, who knows what these IOC guys are thinking, anyway? Win some, lose some. And I let it go.

But the 24-7 world of the Commentariat immediately began to churn, extracting layer after layer of hidden significance missed by schmoes like me. To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail,  and some of these folks have some major-league hammers. Here’s how one significance-sifter parsed it in Commentary magazine:

Obama received a nasty rebuff and a stern reminder that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily care what he thinks. Chicago is out of the Olympics bidding process–in the first round. Why did Obama invest so much personal capital and time for this? Well, he simply can’t help himself. It’s the same force of ego that drives him on to those TV talk shows again and again and that imagines that a grand speech with no content and no appeal outside his base will be a game changer on health-care reform.

Much more on the earth-shaking meaning of the Olympic Flop here, but, learning fast, I’ve already moved on to next week’s story: Can Obama rebound from the Copenhagen disaster?


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