Child Rapists, Watch Out for That “Scary America”

The nabbing of child-rapist Roman Polanski has brought some unbelievable comments from around the world. The French Cultural Minister, who sounds like someone called Central Casting for a Clueless Moral Relativist, had this to say:

“[Polanski] was thrown to the lions. Just as there is a generous America that we like, there is also a scary America that has just shown its face.”

Yeah, it’s an oppressive regime indeed:  Guy lures a 13-year old to his house,  drugs, rapes and sodomizes her, pleads guilty, flees, lives like a king for 30 years, and after all that time, Barack Obama’s  Scary America asks  him to settle his accounts. And just as he was heading to an awards banquet! Sacre bleu!

Will Polanski ever face justice? Hard to say. The Swiss, we learn, may agree to let him out on bail–if he promises not to leave Switzerland. Of course, we know his word is good. Maybe he’ll seek asylum in the Louvre.

The NY Times also had a persuasive editorial on the subject:


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