Updike Disciple Blindsided by TV’s “Eastwick”

It’s a brilliant, crisp fall Friday in Dallas and the State Fair opens today, so nothing bad can possibly happen, but one thing does puzzle me.

I knew I was somewhat detached from the all-enveloping TV culture, limited as I am to the infrequent  cable news  brawl, “Mad Men,” and bits and pieces of Cowboys games, but I’m still amazed that A  TV SERIES BASED ON A JOHN UPDIKE NOVEL somehow rolled out without the knowledge of one of the late genius’s most fervent fans, as witness the extended period of mourning and obeisance on this blog when he died last January.

Guess I’ll have to check out “Eastwick” at least once to see what they’ve done to it. Judging from this quick summary, they’ve preserved the main characters–the three witches and the Devil character played so,  well, devilishly  by Jack Nicholson in the movie.

Will my low expectations be fulfilled? Will I actually sit through the commercials long enough to see if the master’s work has been dissed?

I’ll report back. Who knows? This could tip the scales in favor of my wife, who’s been demanding that we add DVR service for a year now.


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