Think You’re Beyond Being Shocked?

Then read and weep over  this New Yorker article on the astonishing decay of the New York City public schools thanks to labor-union overreach and corruption. The result: A system which renders any teacher with a desk and a heartbeat almost unfireable for any offense, including passing out dead drunk in front of 34 witnesses– her students–as one woman did a few years ago.

Wouldn’t such a miscreant get bounced immediately in almost any line of work? Yes. But in New York City, union rules dictate that teachers accused of misdeeds or incompetence get sent to what’s called “the Rubber Room” where they collect–brace yourselves–full salary for doing nothing while their case creeps through the system, which can take years. The article traces the almost endless process of trying to fire one hugely incompetent teacher. (Hint: The O. J. Simpson murder trial didn’t take this long.)

It’s more proof that somebody, somewhere can take any idea and run with it to crazy extremes.

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