Twitter Biz: The Rest of the Story

Q: For those just joining us, what are you all about at Muse Machine?

A: We’re all about fairness, appealing modesty, good humor  and that old-fashioned objectivity that now seems so quaint as cable- news screamers dominate. So, having  twitted made fun of Twitter yesterday and a few other times, we now balance the scales by noting that at least some businesses are finding gold in them thar Tweets. Key quote:

For many mom-and-pop shops with no ad budget, Twitter has become their sole means of marketing. It is far easier to set up and update a Twitter account than to maintain a Web page. And because small-business owners tend to work at the cash register, not in a cubicle in the marketing department, Twitter’s intimacy suits them well.

Can Twitter build your brand and expand your audience? Pick up some tips here.


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