The Golfer-in-Chief

This Slate piece  about President Obama’s vacation plans, including his reading list (note to Obama: Lush Life should have been cut by half) got me to wondering: Has every president we ever had played golf?

Four minutes of exhaustive Googling led me to this answer: Just about.

When one source claimed that “14 of the last 17”  Presidents have played, I tried to guess who were the three rebels. First guess: LBJ, the hardest one to imagine doing whatever one does with a nine-iron. But no, it turns out he played.

Then, of course, Carter, right? Right. No golf for Jimmuh.

And the third?  According to one source, Reagan. I would have thought him a natural, especially in California’s perpetual summer, but we’re told that RR played a bit while younger, then dropped out long before the White House.

But another source I found counts Reagan as a golfer and asserts  that only Carter, Hoover, and Truman shunned the links.  So these three represent the millions of us persecuted non-golfers.

Best golf quote by a defeated presidential candidate: Adlai Stevenson, beaten twice by Eisenhower,  complained that America had chosen to follow Ike “down the green fairways of indifference.”  They sure  don’t talk like that at town meetings these days.


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