Special 40-Years-Done-Gone Woodstock Quiz!


Okay, pop cultists! Scan this picture of part of the crowd at that Yazgur’s-Farm Phenomenon from August 1969. What’s the most unusual thing about the photo, the thing that absolutely, definitively sets it apart from any photo of a large mass of people that would be taken today? (Answer  below.)


(Nobody, and I mean nobody, is checking their phone! No, the young woman three rows back at right is not checking her phone or texting anyone. She may be  swatting a fly,  rolling something, or writing her name on her hand so she does not forget it later, but she is NOT checking her phone, playing Tetris, or posting to her FaceBook.

Everybody is just where there they are in the moment, not following a single person on Twitter or checking Craigslist to see if anybody wants to buy a used 10-speed.  If the band is not playing, they do not click on an iTunes playlist. They just wait. They may talk to the fellow humans sweating beside them, but they will not be able to add them to a LinkedIn network. How did people ever stand those primitive times?)


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