Unholy Trinity: Fat, Salt and Sugar

I’ve discussed the ongoing difficulties I’ve had in trimming meat out of my diet, a quest that’s going on two years now.

Successes: No beef (except for one accidental ingestion) in about 14 months. Overall diet is about 80 % vegetarian.

Failures: I had vowed to drop another Major American Factory Animal  (chicken, pork or fish) from my diet this year, but the year’s half over and I’m still partaking in these  fleshy delights. (Maybe I should vow not to eat ostrich or Grizzly  instead. Wait, I’ve got it!  Resolved: Not one single Galapagos Tortoise-burger this year.)

More on this challenge and my reasons for undertaking it here and here, but now comes  a provocative new book by former FDA commissioner David Kessler to add yet more reasons why I’m having trouble kicking the pig parts.

It’s called The End of Overeating: Controlling the Insatiable American Appetite. I’ve just read a couple of reviews, but he seems to make a strong case for the addictive and insidious powers of fat, salt and sugar. I never add salt to anything and I gave up desserts when I was a teenager, but I have to say: If there is anything tastier than a high-powered slab of barbecue with a nicely sizzled rind of fat, I have yet to encounter it. My mouth is watering as I write. (Funny, that  never happens with carrots or broccoli.)

A Q and A with Kessler is  here.


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