The Ibuprofen Overreach

I’ve noted  before, in the Bush Chicken Hawk and  Bong Hits 4 Jesus cases, that students don’t park all their rights at the schoolhouse door, but everyone knows, and other court decisions have made clear, that minors don’t enjoy the full range of rights granted to adults (starting with the fact that by law,  kids must attend school up to a certain age;  adults, by contrast, can’t be forced to work or go to school).

Schools below the college level still have some of the old in loco parentis functions, and if administrators and teachers didn’t have the power to limit student freedoms in numerous ways (locker searches, for instance), schools in many cities would be even more unmanageable than they are today, if that can be imagined.

All that said, the Supremes were exactly right to rule 8-1 that strip-searching a middle school girl in search of Ibuprofen is just a wee bit excessive, though the school administrator’s actions in this case were so extreme, and so unlikely to be duplicated in many other schools, that it’s hard to see the case having a very widespread effect. Given our litigious ways today,  I can’t believe the principal was even able to find anybody who would conduct the search.


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