Sanford and the Boys: What Are They Thinking?

Again, as so often before, we must trot out the eternal question: What, what are these guys thinking?

Dunno, but here’s what they’re NOT thinking:

A. “You ’know, I’ve got a pretty good deal here–decent salary, lotsa perks, some power. . . why, reporters even listen when I talk.  Why would I wanna mess this up?”

B.  “Can I really trust  the thong-snapping intern/long-time staffer/dog-torturing crony/classy hooker/brother-in-law/would-be Senate-seat buyer forever?  What if these folks blackmail me or just get mad and decide to drop the dime?”

C. “What would my family/wife/children/parents/pastor/old friends think of me if I blackened my name in disgrace?”

D. “You know, this kind of behavior is just wrong.”


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