Blogger’s Shame: “I Was So Wrong About Twitter!”

Okay, okay. I thought I was so smart in ridiculing Twitter.  I thought, “Why would I care about getting a 140-character blippette,  or whatever it is, from somebody stopping by Burger King for a double cheeseburger?”

I mocked. I sneered.

But now that  Twitter has proven so valuable in the Iranian sorta-revolution that the U. S. State Department asked the service to stay up the other day rather than shut down for maintenance, I give up! I give up! Never have so many said so much to so many in so few words.

In fact, if you’ve signed up with Twitter, as I did, though I have yet to Tweet, you can follow the Iranian action on this feed live from Tehran.

Twitter rules. Start following me at sosowrongabouttwitter tomorrow.


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