Sotomayor: A Third-World Yalie?

I’m still keeping an open mind on Sonia  Sotomayor, hoping along with David Brooks that her “Wise Latina” wisdom-of-the-blood stuff is just a dues-paying veneer left over from the 70s.

But as I’ve made clear in numerous posts, I just don’t have patience with highly privileged people–whites, blacks, browns, anyones– who play both sides of the street, enjoying the rich fruits of a society whose efforts at racial progress have elevated them while still talking, when it’s convenient, as if we’re  mired back in Birmingham, Alabama in 1957, hiding from the KKK.  Talk about having it both ways.

Hence my bafflement at this Sotomayor quote, reflecting on the surprise some of her State U junior college Yale Law  classmates felt when she signed on to work for the New York City District Attorney’s office:

“I felt a tremendous amount of pressure from my community, from the third-world community at Yale. They could not understand why I was taking this job.”

Earth to future Justice:  When you go to Yale Law School, you are not Third World. You are First World. In fact, you are Firstest of the First.  Accept your privileges and stop the “wish I still lived in the barrio with those colorful customs of firing guns into the air on holidays”  rhetoric.


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