Obama Broadway Bashers: Not Too Petty

I like to avoid invective on this blog, since we’re wading waist-deep in it today, but I can’t get over the mean-spirited and petty people–including some Repubs, talk show heads and a  letter writer in today’s Dallas Morning News–who want to crucify Obama over his quick trip up to Broadway to have a little dinner and catch Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. Quoth the lettrist:

My husband and I are having our 40th wedding anniversary today. Notice I didn’t say celebrating, because my husband has been unemployed for three years. There will be no trip to New York for dinner and a Broadway show, no date night, no celebration of any kind.

President Barack Obama’s reckless use of taxpayer money for a date night is questionable with so many unemployed people and industries crashing around him.

We’ve had a serious dose of reality in our lives. Let’s see some compassion and a reality check from our leaders.

Does anybody expect the President to work all the time? Does anybody work all the time, including the laid-off husband when he was working?  And in case the writer has forgotten, it’s not like a President can go off on his own to Six Flags for the day. Security, etc. As for the expense….I think the Bible says something about straining a gnat while swallowing a camel. The NYC trip isn’t even a gnat-sized chunk of our economic problems.

Now we’ll hear a week or two about the extra cash the Obamas squandered in Paris this weekend–as if any guy on a business trip  with the wife and kids would miss that chance. ( It sort of humanizes him; you can hear Michelle saying, “Barack, if we’re sitting through these grim speeches about economic doom and terrorism, we are damn well getting a weekend in Paris out of it!” )


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