More Summer Reading Ideas

As we prepare to convince ourselves once again that we’ll have more time to read this summer, here are two of my recent book reviews from The Dallas Morning News:

How to Sell by Clancy Martin. Sounds like a business  self-helper, but it’s actually a novel written by a philosophy prof who used to work in the jewelry biz here in Dallas-Fort Worth. Not a bad read, and it’ll make you think two or three times before believing anything a gem purveyor tells you. Full review here. (By the way, this book wins the “Busty Blonde Sucking on Pearls in a  Cover Image That Has Almost Nothing to Do With the Book” Award.)

In the Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White. Memoir by one-time up-and-coming publishing whiz who ran afoul and did a year in prison–not just any prison, but the last leprosarium in the United States. Bound to be a movie. Full review here. (This book wins the “Spanish Mossy-Old South Cover Image That Tells Almost Nothing About the Book” Award.)


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