Slam-Dunk Sonia?


Slate’s John Dickerson shows why the Repubs would have a hard time derailing the Sotomayor Supreme Court nom even if they had the votes, which they either do or don’t depending on whether the Minnesota Senate race is ever settled: 
  • Woman: Check. (She’ll be the third in history if she makes it.)
  • Hispanic: Check. (She’s the first Hispanic nominee.)
  • Bipartisan: Check. (She was first nominated by President George H.W. Bush.)
  • Experienced: Check. (She’s been confirmed by the Senate twice and has more federal judicial experience than those sitting on the court did when they were nominated.)
  • Liberal: Check.
  • Smart: Check. (She graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and has a law degree from Yale.)
  • Legal range: Check. (She has been a prosecutor, trial judge, and private lawyer.)
  • Biography: Check and check. (Obama praised her “extraordinary journey.” Sotomayor grew up in a housing project and lost her father at age 9.)
  • As a bonus, Sotomayor is even credited with saving baseball. No word yet on her stance on apple pie.

Barring a demonization of megaBorkian proportions, I’d say she’s in, if not by a slam-dunk, at least a nice jumper from the top of the key.


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