Blogger’s Double Life Takes Toll

Work deadlines plus my hobby-turned-second life, acting, have conspired to cut down my blogging this week. I’m in rehearsals for two plays, one of which, a musical,  will either prove I can sing or cure me of the delusion once and for all.

Anyway, with “Tech Week” rehearsals on a political-satire review running until 11 PM the past few nights, I’m using all my remaining energy, and all my remaining caffeine, to get Real Work (i.e., the paying kind) done each day. But thoughts are bubbling on the back burner, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for someone whose mind is always awake and popping, check Gary Hoover’s new blog, www. 

  Hoover, a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker, founded Bookstop, the first literary megastore, which he and his partners later  sold for big bucks to Barnes & Noble. Lucky for us, that didn’t make Gary quite so rich that he never needed to think again, as he proves here. Among other things, he’ll be discussing books plucked from his personal library of more than 50,000 volumes, so have a look.


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