One and Two Years Ago on Muse Machine

Battle of the Buttons: Obama

Some of these are pretty cool, but the latest, hottest Must-Have campaign toy was seen at last week’s Dallas County Democratic Convention. Making fun of the Obama-Is-A-Muslim-Manchurian Candidate smear, numerous ’Bama Backers sported buttons like “John Hussein Smith” and “Susan Hussein Jenkins.”


April 2, 2007…4:34 pm

The Immigration Charade

Right now, at least, I can’t seem to work up great fervor about the so-called immigration debate, except to note, with sadness, that some partisans resort to defamation and demonization instead of argument.

But when I see a report like this one in today’s Dallas Morning News detailing the pro-immigration march at City Hall yesterday, I feel generally unmoved because in reality, the debate is actually over, though many believe it’s just starting.

 Here’s what I mean: with millions of illegal immigrants already in the country and thousands more who will be here before Congress can act, we’ve already had the debate. The immigrants voted with their feet, and the U. S. voted with its porous borders and slap-with-a-wet-noodle enforcement. The Republicans voted for cheap labor,  the Democrats voted for their universal brotherhood/Lifeboat America vision, and both parties voted for, they hope, new voters.  The future is what we see around us now. Schools and hospitals will just have to deal with the reality: more and more poor, needy, undereducated Mexicans. Many of these people are fine human beings, and many are not, but good or bad, they’re going to keep on reshaping the country, because that’s what winners do.

Sometime this year, or before Christmas ‘08, Congress will vote to start millions  on that Path to Amnesty Citizenship after they pay a small fine and do some kind of revolving-door visit back to the homeland. There will be tough talk included about learning English, tightening border security and giving employer sanctions some teeth, but that will be neither very tough nor consistent. Congress will never appropriate anywhere near enough money to really get a handle on who’s coming into the country and who’s hiring them, much less enough to hire the number of workplace inspectors that would be needed to have an impact.

You just can’t fight the geographical reality. When you have a desperately poor country right beside a very wealthy country, people will leave the failed state where they cannot make a living and come to the successful country where they can get ahead. Everything else flows from that fact.


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