Hey, Dems: You Won. Now Act Like It.

Just received my third Flush-Rush fundraising pitch from the Dems, again trying to shake the money tree by raising fears of that Demonic Limbaugh pulling the puppet strings of the GOP.

Please. This is precisely the kind of whip-up-the-rubes, Jets. V. Sharks diversionary warfare the previous administration loved.  You guys won. Go solve a couple of problems before you start running for 2010.

Better still, ask your driver to take you to a typical D. C. neighborhood. Ask the people there how much time they spend worrying about the fulminations of Limbaugh. Then get back to work.

Here’s a quote from today’s sales pitch:

With the markets tumbling, foreclosures threatening, and health care costs skyrocketing, this country simply cannot afford any more of Rush Limbaugh’s scorched-earth politics.  We need solutions, not stunts.

Yep. Solutions, not stunts.


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