Remember, Sexual Violence is for Everyone!

The triumph of greedy, amoral businesses posing as freedom fighters continues as California’s Ninth Circuit strikes down a law that would have slapped an “adults only” tag on ultra-violent video games like the Grand Theft Auto series,  in which players not only shoot cops but pick up prostitutes, use them, and kill them for fun. And Grand Theft is mild compared to some of this stuff.

This is  proof once more that the First Amendment can be stretched and distorted until it covers any kind of voyeuristic  barbarism. We have lost the ability to make distinctions.

 It will be interesting to see if California appeals this one to the Supremes, at which time we’ll hear many a slippery-sloper cry that we have no freedom at all if a 15-year old boy cannot dismember a video prostitute when he wants.

The whole sad tale is here.

By the way, remember Steve Allen’s old PBS series, Meeting of the Minds? He’d bring together great doers and thinkers from history in the ultimate dinner party–imagine  Cleopatra, Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, and, say, Teddy Roosevelt talking things over.  In that spirit, I’d love to bring back Thomas Jefferson and seat him beside the makers of these violent games, or the producers of the various “Saw” and “Hostel” movies. We’re just carrying on your noble work, Tom.


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