Obama as Chimp? Lighten Up!

I don’t know if we’re a “nation of cowards” on the subject of race, as Atty. Gen. Eric Holder finger-waggingly insists, but we are a nation of people ready to get stupid and  fight over the slightest racial provocation.

When I saw the now-infamous “Chimp” cartoon a couple of days ago, I laughed out loud and made a note to show it to my daughter, who’s been studying political cartoons in school. The cartoon (below) shows a chimpanzee who’s just been shot by a policeman  (a reference to a bizarre incident a few days back). Another cop says:

“They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

Now we learn that not just the usual suspects–Al Sharpton, associations of black journalists–are up in arms, but many others consider it a racist slap at Obama. Black person= chimp, monkey, KKK humor,  etc.

I think that’s an absurd and hyper-suspicious view. My own reaction to the cartoon  went something like this: stimulus bill (botched, rushed, thrown-together grab-bag of stuff) + Congressional ineptitude=it’s like something done by a monkey + chimp shooting incident=this cartoon.

Besides, there’s one other thing the chimp-bashers are forgetting.

Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill.  To the extent it was “written,” (actually, it was assembled like sections of Orwell’s prefabricated henhouse), it was done  by a few Congressional leaders. It was being tacked together while Obama  was being sworn in and going to Inaugural balls.  He basically took it from the Congressional bulls–er, monkeys– blessed it and said, “Here’s the bill.”

There. I’m sure that dose of reason will instantly put out the fires.


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