Double Blow for Baseball Lovers

 It’s a game-ending  double-play ball for America’s former national pastime as we learn that the surly and selfish Barry Bonds may beat his steroids rap, as predicted here a while back, with his  well-paid attorneys carping about a shoddy chain of urinary evidence. Apparently the only person who could verify the evidence is  a Bonds loyalist who–surprise–refuses to testify. How convenient.

Even worse: The Golden Boy himself, Alex Rodriguez, hailed here as the coming savior and disinfectant of the great game, now admits to ‘roiding up back in 2003 when he was still with the Texas Rangers. Since he’s the only hitter with a realistic chance of catching Bonds’ home run record, that means we’re in for another five or six years of steroidal slime.

Revelations like this one,  alas, justify the stance of the most misanthropic cynics, who think it’s better to believe in nobody and nothing because you always get your heart broken.

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