Gettin’ Bookish Again

Two book-related doings over the past few days:

First,  a KERA/NPR radio commentary on Malcolm Gladwell’s half-provocative, half-hackneyed book Outliers: The Story of Success

As with Gladwell’s  earlier books like Blink and The Tipping Point,  certain sections of Outliers  will make you say, “What a brilliant interpretation of everyday events in a pattern few have discerned.” Other sections may leave you thinking, “Duh. Doesn’t everyone know that?” 

The radio piece is here.

Second, a book review I wrote for The Dallas Morning News on  Bordeaux: A Novel in Four Vintages by Paul Torday. It’s a powerfully affecting novel about a man who comes to love wine more than life itself.

The review is here.  Salud!

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