In Awe of O, #28

part of a continuing series on the adoration of Obama

Okay, I thought I’d have a little fun with those celebrity “Pledges to Obama” that are sweeping the blogwebosphere, wherein the likes of Demi Moore, Ashton Kuchner, Cameron Diaz and other celebs whose names I would know if I watched all the latest date movies take a kind of “oath” to Obama, promising to walk in his footsteps and do their part in building a new heaven and earth.

But, doggone it, the stubborn spirit of fairness asserts itself again. We could  certainly ask why our stars had to wait until the Obama Ascension to notice the  needs of the elderly, the hungry, and the endangered species, and we could definitely ask just why some of these overly-tattooed male and female bimbos have any kind of influence at all, but when you actually watch the pledges on YouTube, you find some of them seem genuine and motivated by a sincere desire to help.  

 So I can’t just sit back and jeer these folks.  If a hungry kid gets fed or a beautiful meadow is preserved, that’s a good thing, and good things can come, we hope, even from people whose fame and fortune seem inexplicable and undeserved.


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