O-Minus Two Hours: How We Can Help Obama

An earnest NPR talker just asked a guest: “Is it possible that expectations for Obama are somewhat too high?”

 Uh, yeah, I’d say it’s just possible. . .

Advance word is that Obama will focus on responsibility and accountability in his Inaugural Address. I’m looking forward to hearing that. As I’ve stressed in a number of posts over the past year, we have every right to demand that government do certain things in exchange for our allegiance and our tax dollars. But no sane definition of the good life, or happiness, or healthy community, would focus exclusively on what government must or can do, as if our lives are circumscribed by what distant bureaucrats do or fail to do.

It was said that Kennedy was the last leader in a time when people were eager to follow. If Obama calls for people to do something besides sit on the couch and watch self-aggrandizing cable pundits rehearse the same tired arguments, marinated in the same dark venom, will we follow?

I hope Obama’s call to service finds us ready to follow–and lead–again. Here are four posts detailing some pretty easy ways to get involved.






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