Living the Luxe Lite Life in Dallas


Having money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.

                                   –Groucho Marx



Hey, who says the old high-rolling, big-spending J. R. Ewing awl-bidness  Dallas, the mythical green-argon city of endless prosperity, is gone forever like the myth of Cowboys dominance?

Almost everyone, that’s who, except for oilman Tom Headington, owner of the ultra-swank Hotel Joule. Through January and February, the hotel is offering something called the Black Gold Experience.

 You pay for your first night at the rack rate of $340, and the second night will cost you whatever the price of oil is at 8:30 CST that morning. Last week, oil–not sure if this was “light sweet crude,” whatever that is–sold at around $40 a barrel.

You couldn’t sack out at a Days Inn for that price. It’s just one more way the elite are trying to keep the Luxe Life, or at least the Luxe Lite Life, alive. Who says the recession has no upside?


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