Gov. Blago Scandal and Kinsley’s Law

Columntator and Slate mag founder Mike Kinsley used to say that the real scandal in politics  is not what’s illegal, but what’s legal.

The Blaygoy  Blogrollo Bogdoyo Illinois governor’s alleged “pay for play” tactics illustrate  Kinsley’s Law to perfection.

Here, as far as I can tell, is what would be legal. Insert your own bleeps.

“Hey, Gov. Bogroginyc, Mike Stipolykrynitz from the Benevolent Order of Former Altar Boys here in Springfield. Howzit goin? Lissen, just wanted you to know that the BOOFAB is sending $10,000 green ones your way for the re-election kitty. You bet we’ll be out there for ya come spring.  And hey, I know you got that lottery commish spot coming open, and I wanna let you know about my nephew Cyril, great kid, just outta Rutgers with his law degree, and he could do a helluva job for you on that board, okay? Talk to you soon.”

Here is what is not legal:

“Hey, Mike, Rod Bialylubich here. Say, I’ve gotta fill this spot on the lottery commish pretty soon, and I was just thinking about that nephew of yours, one you said was at Rutgers? Sounds like a great young man. So, anyway, on another subject, would you guys at the BOOFAB like to put together, oh, I dunno, $10 big ones for us? Tryin’ to build that re-election fund for next year, y’know. Anyway, hope to hear from you with the kid’s contact info.  Say hi to the wife for me!”

I guess lawyers make a good living splitting those hairs.


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