Parade of Alpha-Male Idiots Goes On

To the list of Alpha Male Idiots that includes Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Michael Vick, Duke Cunningham, John Edwards  and so many more, we now add the unbelievable, unpronounceable and almost unspellable Rod Buh-LOG-uh-B  Bla-LAWG–  well, anyway, the presumed-innocent but obviously arrogantly off-the-rails seat-selling Governor of Illinois.

Again, as so often before, we must trot out the eternal question: What, what are these guys thinking?

Dunno, but here’s what they’re NOT thinking:

A. “Y’know, I’ve got a pretty good deal here–decent salary, lotsa perks, some power. . . why, reporters even listen when I talk.  Why would I wanna mess this up?”

B.  “Can I really trust  the thong-snapping intern/long-time staffer/dog-torturing crony/classy hooker/brother-in-law/would-be Senate-seat buyer forever?  What if these folks blackmail me or just get mad and decide to drop the dime?”

C. “What would my family/wife/parents/pastor/old friends think of me if I blackened my name in disgrace?”

D. “You know, this kind of behavior is just wrong.”


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