Enough Already With the “Private Jets”

The maddening media echo chamber is at its worst this week with the endless and mindless repetition of the “private jets” mantra re the Big Three automakers. Yes, the Bigs  were idiotically tone-deaf when they zipped in two weeks ago to ask for bailout cash. We saw it. We heard it. We know it. They know it. Enough. Now that the professional jeering class has had its fun, perhaps a few adults could address this critical issue.

When I am Sanity Czar of the country, we’ll use sophisticated computer screening systems to prevent this kind of nonsense. We’ll allow, say, 500 repetitions of some snarky line or a TAOII (Tedious Argument of Insidious Intent); after that, any pundit trying to sneak in a 501st jab will see his comments vanish from print and the airwaves.


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