The Lessons of Palin’s “TurkeyGate”

One of those “teaching moments” occurred last week.   Sarah Palin was in the middle of a ceremonial Thanksgiving Turkey-pardoning while–black humor here–the camera caught several of the lucky bird’s doomed compadres gobbling their last in the background. I have no idea whether Palin knew the business-as-usual killing was going on as she rambled [insert “you betcha” joke here]  but there’s a bigger point to the matter:

That’s how your Thanksgiving feast gets on the plate, folks. Meat does not grow in cellophane.  The turkeys don’t volunteer, and, contra Dan Ackroyd’s old SNL skit, they don’t just die peacefully in their sleep. Choosing to eat our fellow creatures is both a nutritional and ethical choice, and we should make that choice with eyes open.

A few of the Web comments I’ve seen on this are just silly. Some people seem insulted to have this blunt truth thrust upon them.   As George Bernard Shaw or Tolstoy or Paul McCartney once said,  if slaughterhouses had glass walls (or 24-hour video feeds),  we’d all be vegetarians.

For earlier musings on this subject and my own attempts to quit or reduce meat consumption–and let me tell you, it ain’t easy–check here.





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