President Palin? No. Senator Palin? Maybe.

I can’t believe I’m hearing people say that Sarah Palin could run for president in four years. Obviously, the GOP has to put somebody up in 2012, and I don’t think even the Repubs will put up  Two White Males next time around (In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is never another Two White Middle-Aged Guys Ticket from either party). But still . . .

However,  many of the  Mentioners are saying Palin may run for the Senate  if the disgraced Ted Stevens loses the election or is booted from Congress. That could work, and I think that’s the only way she ever gets to Washington. If she waits until 2010 to challenge Alaska’s other Senator, Lisa Murkowski, her shelf life may have run out by then. And the Murkowskis are a fabled name in Alaska politics.

A Senate seat would keep Palin near the national spotlight, but as for Pres, fuhgeddaboutit.  After four or eight years of Obama, if he has even modest success, the intellectual bar for President will have been raised higher than ever. (Obama slogan: “As Smart as Clinton–But Keeps His Zipper Up!”)  I think Obama can have a really salutary effect on our national discourse about issues, and I don’t see Palin coming close to him even if she spends the next four years cramming.


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