But What About Those Predictions?

Understandably, the country is turning its attention to the immense challenges that face the next administration, but before we stride boldly into the future and reclaim the American Dream and rebuild our tattered prestige and unleash a torrent of innovative thinking,  let’s take just a moment to see how I did with my Election 2008 predictions which were filed here at 1:45 PM on Election Day:


                                                                               PREDICTION                         RESULT


OBAMA  ELECTORAL VOTES                                 350                                        349

NEW SENATE DEMOCRATS                                    6                                            5*

NEW HOUSE DEMOCRATS                                    27                                           18**


*At least four Senate races are still being recounted.

**At least five House races are still being recounted.


One thought on “But What About Those Predictions?

  1. Not bad. You called it…or most of it. But as you said yesterday, now we wait to see just what this very brainy leader will DO for us, and if he can deliver as promised.

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