Yet More “Signs” of an Obama Victory

1.  30 million people watched Obama’s infomercial, more than watched the last game of the World Series (not so astonishing) and more than watched last season’s American Idol finale (pretty astonishing). Of course some people will watch anything on TV, but still. . .

2. I live in the Third Congressional District of Texas. For years the Almanac of American Politics described the Third as one  of America’s most reliably Republican districts. I don’t recall seeing a single yard sign for Kerry four years ago. (I had one in the back yard, but. . . joke.) Now I’d estimate that about 10-15 percent of the signs around here are for Obama, a possible sign of those “significant inroads” newshounds like to spot.

   Even more amazing:  Financial kingpin/novelist  Rich Crossland, e-mailing from deep inside deep-red Highland Park, silkiest of Dallas’s silk-stocking districts, reports that the yard-sign breakdown in his nabe is only about 55-45 McCain. Is hell freezing over?  He notes that his Zip Code, 75205, gave more money to George W. Bush than any other Zip over the past eight years.  Granted, this is all anecdotal–most people don’t put out signs for anyone–but still. . .


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