Obama Phone-Bank Plan Could Backfire

Just got this from Barack:
We need to make 300,000 calls to voters in battleground states this weekend. Right from your own home, on your own schedule, you can do your part in just an hour or two by calling voters in Pennsylvania. We’ll give you the phone numbers and the talking points. It couldn’t be easier.
Get your list of Pennsylvania voters to call right now.
Well, I wonder. Is it a good idea to ask a bunch of Texans to start  calling their Keystone State counterparts? I worry about possible communication problems. The conversation might go something like this:
Tex: Hah yew?
Voter: How am I what?
Tex: Hah yew doin?
Voter: How am I doing what? I’m trying to watch the Steelers, you putz!
Tex:  Wail, I’se jist wonderin’ if y’all gonna vote for Barack. He go’ be in tall cotton if he can git y’all in the tent, y’ hear?
Voter: Madge, come listen to this guy on the phone! I almost choked on my bratwurst! It’s the Marlboro Man!
Tex: Wail, whuddya thank? You goin’ for this ol’ boy?
Voter: Boy? He’s not a boy, you racist hick!
Tex: Hey, buckeroo, you walkin’ on the fightin’ side now! We gon’ to Fist City!
Voter: I was leaning toward Obama, but no way I’m voting for him if you’re supporting him.
Tex: Lissen, you &%*&(^
Voter: Click.

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