The Truth Revealed: Why McCain Let Up on Wright

Well, contrary to my statement a few days ago, I won’t have to wait for those post-election Newsweek tell-alls to find out why McCain decided not to make more of an issue of Rev. Wright’s paranoid fulminations–Gawuddamn America, the honky created AIDS, etc.–because this week’s issue of the mag has the story. 

 Even after Obama himself conceded that the Wright Stuff was a “legitimate political issue,” McCain declined to whack the pinata despite the pleadings of staff. From the article:

“If we were to go up with an ad during the final weeks of this campaign just showing excerpts of [Wright’s} sermons, we would probably win,” says one senior McCain aide. . . “But we won’t.”

Why not? For the full story on why McCain held off on an issue that might have cut some ice BTM (Before The Meltdown), choosing instead to fight it out on economic issues favorable to Dems,  check it out here.  I’d add one other reason: It may be that in his heart of hearts McCain knows he’s finished, and sees no reason to end his career tagged as a racist.

By the way–here we go with that fairness stuff again!–if you’d like to see Obama’s own explanation of the spiritual journey that led him to Wright’s church long before the rest of the world glimpsed the mind of the Rev, check pages 291-295 of Dreams From My Father.

Obama’s comments show him  to be “one of us” in that he employs the same selective perception we all use. Just as he does in his comments about Malcolm X, which  I cited the other day, Obama takes what he finds useful from Rev.  Wright and sets aside the ugly racism and white-hating.  We all do the same thing whenever we vote for a presidential candidate, ignoring the degrees of separation that link the candidate to people and ideas we can barely tolerate.

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