More Obama Worship, Plus: What’s America Reading?

There’s a whole music/video/timewaster industry out there that’s spun off from the campaigns. Two good examples:

1.  This excellent white-guy Obama-Hosanna rap-song, which reminds you that Obama is not merely a candidate  but a transcendent and symbolic figure who has now become the (sturdy, we hope) vessel for the dreams and desires of millions.  Related question for McCain: How do you “debate” something like this?

2. This clever interactive map from Amazon showing which “red” and “blue” books Americans in different states are reading. You click on the states to see the results. No scientific validity, of course, but it’s interesting to see that a disastrous-economy book tops the charts in New York and California, both long-gone Obama states, while a Sarah  Palin insta-book rides high in many of McCain’s dwindling strongholds.

The Amazon map alerted me to this irresistible parody, which I’m ordering today:

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