Feel-Good Reading on McCain and Obama

Dead-on primary picks. . . clever political satire songs. . . geez, what don’t we do for you here at Muse Machine? And the giving never stops. . . Now, in the spirit of general benevolence and reaching out that will help unite this great country we love, I present two pieces of feel-good reading about the candidates, designed to cure what ails ‘ya.

If  you really like Obama’s fluid grace and obvious intellect but wonder just how he gets along with people who disagree (which he’ll need to do unless the Dems roll up a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate),  read this account of Obama’s diplomatic dealings with the scarily politicized staff of The Harvard Law Review. (Unrelated question: Amidst all the left vs. right blood feuds going on, when do these high-powered future lawyers have time to study torts n’ stuff?)


If you really like McCain’s independent nature and admire his life of service to America, but you’re embarrassed to say that you like some crinkly old white skin-cancer guy who can’t even raise his arms above his shoulders, much less sink a three-pointer, and anyway, all seems lost, read this endorsement of McC by The Dallas Morning News, which will remind you of the real guy buried under the zillion-dollar ad blitz.

Hey, you’re welcome.


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