McCain, Obama Quit Race on Eve of Debate!!

Well, not really, but could you blame them if they did? 

Both men, deep in their hearts, know they don’t have a “solution” to this escalating crisis, much less to the entitlement bomb crisis that will detonate soon.  Hopes n’ dreams? New American Century? Health care overhaul? Revamp that aging infrastructure?  Uh, don’t think so.  Start drawing up plans for Bailout II, Bailout III. . . etc, as the Harlem Boys’ Choir serenades the Inaugural Ball with “Brother, Can You Spare a Petrodollar?”

But, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the debate?  (Which, alas, I’ll miss due to an acting commitment, but I’ll watch on the Web first thing in the morning.)

Tonight’s Big Chill in Nashville event is hard to predict because Real People will be asking the questions. That means lots of questions about the economy, and answers that, barring a sudden infusion of almost suicidal candor, will sound even more hollow and evasive than usual.

More later, but I wouldn’t look for complex questions such as these three economists would like to see. Not that the candidates could do much with them.


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