The Sarah Palin Supreme Court Memory Test

Ready, debaters? No fair checking Google or those lawbooks on the shelves! Just name all the Supreme Court cases you can name in ten minutes. Then come back and check my results if you like.  Lawyers must accept a -5 handicap.


 Roe v. Wade

Plessy v. Ferguson

Dred Scott decision

Midnight Judges…John Marshall…first big test of judicial power?

Tinker v. Ohio….uh-oh…free speech? conscription of pacifists?

Brown. V. Board of Education

School prayer early 60’s? Murray? Can’t recall….

Bakke v. California  “reverse discrimination,” quotas

Pentagon Papers…Ellsberg v. US?

Gore v. Bush 2000 election

Sullivan??? NY Times??? Sixties… famous decision that basically established current libel law


Baker v. Carr: Was that one man, one vote? I may be way off here.

Also a case, I think, having to do with legalizing birth control, but I can’t recall name…

Ex Parte Milligan???

Thought this was multiple choice. Where’s my old college blue books?

That took about 10 minutes. I’m pretty sleepy this morning, but that’s not a very strong showing. If Mccain calls, I’m afraid I can’t help.


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