So God IS A Yankees Fan!

As He proved last night in guiding the Bombers to a fitting 7-3 win over the Orioles in the final game ever played in the House that Ruth Built and George Rebuilt. No 9th inning homers from A-Rod or Jeter, but other than that, how could Yankee Nation ask for more?

 (Well, except the playoffs. And the World Series. But you just  wait ’til next year.)


One thought on “So God IS A Yankees Fan!

  1. It was fun to go to the House that Ruth build and Dimaggio, Ford, Berra, Dickey, Bouton, Maris, Mantle, Kubek, Rizutto, Larsen, and Stengal among just a few great ones played in.
    I can still smell the new little league wooden bats back in 1962 that were made by Hillerich and Bradley Louisville Sluggers with Maris(Thin handle, Fox ,Barrel handle or Mantle, perfect handle) that signaled the start of a new season.
    Great times and it is still the same game no matter where it is played.

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