Grim Reports From Galveston

The header photo today is of the Islander East, a hotel that sits about 200 feet from the water’s edge on Galveston’s East Beach. Great place, and sturdy, as you can see. Hope they got all those windows boarded up.


Scattered reports coming in from Galveston now. . .some of those brave and crazy souls who always ride these things out may have gambled and lost this time. Saw a report from an elevated bar just across from the beach called the Poop Deck, one of those enjoyably low-rent spots where it’s great to watch the sun go down while sipping 2-for-1 beer from plastic cups. Looks bad there.

 Another place that’s bound to take some damage is the Flagship Inn, an old hotel built out over the water. I remember staying there with my parents as a kid, being amazed that you could just open the window and feed the seagulls.


The Flagship Inn, Galveston





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