Obama’s Too Classy for “Pig” Remark

Please. Please. This “lipstick on a pig” contraflap may be the dumbest thing since Hillary Clinton posed as a beer n’ a shot gal in a Pittsburgh tavern.

Say what you will about Obama’s gaseous rhetoric and improbable pledge to lower 95% of middle class taxes (yeah, maybe by $6 or $7), but he’s not the kind of man to make a crass, sexist remark about a woman. Anyone who reads even a page of his excellent memoir, Dreams From My Father, which I’m reading now, can see he’s several cuts above that. This is a guy who may actually be too refined, thoughtful, and intelligent to serve as president. (If he misses, maybe he can become Harvard’s next president.)

Besides, the man has an intelligent, strong wife and two young daughters.  I don’t think he wants to help foster a public atmosphere in which women are branded as “pigs.”

 I  don’t understand the McCainians’ eagerness to jump on this balsa-wood bandwagon. They’re surging. They’ve got a pop star of their own in Palin. They’ve got the press back on its heels. So why gin up such a transparently dumb attack?

Ditto with the “Bridge to Nowhere” stuff. By every news account I’ve read, it’s just not accurate for Palin  to claim she was firmly against this boondoggle. And this is one of those rare political squabbles that the public understands. If she’s caught out on this one,  which seems pretty easy to confirm, many of those sought-after independents could call this a bridge too far. All the pols stretch their records and airbrush their flaws, but she’s really out on a limb here.

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