Weekend Reading on Obama, McCain

As the “barely controlled insanity” of the presidential campaign continues, let’s step away from the lies, insults, character assassinations, innuendoes, half-truths, quarter-truths, illogical assumptions, inflated notions of entitlements, long-repeated shibboleths, deifications of motherhood, mindless worship of Diversity and other rhetorical debris for something a bit different. 

 Too much of the political coverage takes this form:

“Hey, Bob Smith, you’ve worked in every Republican campaign since Nixon and you’re a charter member of  CRUD, the Committee to Rid the Universe of Democrats. What do you think about Obama?”

Can’t imagine what Bob’s gonna say.

 To get away from the robotically predictable,  here’s veteran liberal, author and professor Sean Wilentz assessing Obama and issuing a surprisingly harsh report.

And on the other side,   longtime conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer takes a  look at McCain’s gamble with Palin and doesn’t like much of what he sees. That’s here.  


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