Texas Hick Defends Hick-Chick Veep Pick

Those of us from (exaggerated drawling pronunciation) “Tayuxis” (Texas), especially those of us who voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, are wincing a bit as we boot-scoot through the InterblogginTubes the past few days. It’s deja vu all over again.

The  hundreds of bloggers, many committed Democrats,  who are posting pictures of Sarah Palin’s little town with its weathered bars and Mooseburger specials, and  her “ValleyTrash” t-shirt, and having a great big snigger over her far-from-Hahvahd rustic ways, ought to sit back and recall just what Limbaugh and the American Spectator and their dark legions did to Bill Clinton back in the day. They ran the whole gamut of vile stereotypes with him–backwoods incest, slot-machine-luvvin’ mama, outhouses, everything. And remember George H. W. Poppy Bush calling Arkansas “the lowest of the low”?

That always bothered this lifelong Texan because on a much smaller scale all of us who live Down Heah in Tayuxis  have gotten the Clinton Hick treatment from our betters. It was small-minded and wrong to treat Bill Clinton and his state that way, and  I don’t see how switching the party and the state and the gender makes it any better. I can  think of several good reasons to vote against McCain-Palin, but class and regional snobbery  won’t be one of them.


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