Palin-tology Redux

It’s a double whammy for Muse Machine as commentator Anon informs me (see comment below) that I’m far from the first coiner on “Palin-tology.”  Not only did the Palin pick blindside me, so did the existence of a large Palin-tology Society that dates back months and even years. New rule: In the Age of Google, never claim to be first.

Speaking of the subject of Palin-tology, a few quick  responses to last night’s speech:

1. It was far feistier than I’d expected, much more on the offensive. If this woman was thinking, “OK, just let me get through the next twenty minutes without a major disaster,” you sure couldn’t tell it.

 2. The Rudy/Palin attack on Obama’s community organizing sounded overly harsh to me. I’ve only now begun reading Obama’s book Dreams From My Father, so I don’t claim to know how successful he was at this task. I do know that there have been effective community organizers in large cities all over the country, along with empty-windbag community organizers. I’ve known some of both kinds here in Dallas. But mocking the very idea of community organizing, as if it were nothing but snake-oil, seems cruel and simple-minded. And, speaking just tactically, it never looks good to attack people who are relatively powerless.

3. As I noted a few days ago, her pick does one thing that needed doing: Over the past decade or so, a virtual religion of Diversity has sprung up in this country. Diversity is invoked as a magic term; if anything lacks sufficient Diversity, it is bad. All efforts to increase Diversity are good. Diversity, alone among human inventions, has no flaws.

So Palin brings her own kind of Diversity, and forces the Divas of Diversity to ask whether their tent is big enough to include unionized, snowmobile-driving, gun-friendly, Eskimo-loving, large-familied Republican hockey-women. Or maybe she’s the wrong kind of Diversity.

 4. Speaking of that family,  I’ve now heard at least 55 comments about her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy, always accompanied by the disclaimer that her daughter’s private life should be off limits. If it’s truly off limits, people need to stop talking about it. Otherwise, it’s in-limits, right?

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