Unionized, Moose-Eating, Working-Class Eskimos

Well, if nothing else, Palin is the face that launched a thousand conversations this week. Scanning her resume, this thought hit me: If lightning struck and Rev. Wright turned out to be Obama’s father  and the moon was in the Seventh House and McCain won, look who would be in the White House, or Blair House where the Veep lives, I guess:

1. A First Veep Husband who is one-quarter Eskimo;

2. Two members of labor unions

3. Weirdest of all in these times, a non-wealthy family who might actually need the Veep salary ($208,000) to get by. With five kids, her husband may need to, how shall we say, work to make ends meet, so he won’t be able to make many of those Rose Garden teas. Guess they can dock their seaplane on the Potomac.

It’s turvy-topsy indeed when the Republicans might bring the first unionized, moose-eating Eskimo-loving basketball star  to the White House.



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