Does Palin Ruin the “Experience” Argument?

Having picked my jaw up from the floor re McCain’s VP pick. . .  

We’ll see whether the move  brings in more voters than it loses, but my first reaction was it would deprive Mccain of the “experience” argument, which I think is valid and which was working against Obama; in fact, I think it’s the main reason the polls have stayed pretty tight in what ought to be a heavy Democratic year. 
I think despite Obama’s many plusses, an awful lot of voters in late October would be saying, “He sure is bright and inspiring, but is he ready?”
 I guess McCain can still use the experience argument in reduced form, saying, well, our presidential candidate is experienced, and my VP will learn fast–but it won’t be as potent as it was.
On the other hand, it’s not as if Romney and Pawlenty had a wealth of “When I was conferring with Musharaf” stories, either.
On yet another  hand, this move may just leave the experience argument at a stalemate on both sides. Obama and Biden can’t play the card against Palin too hard, I would think, or they’ll be contradicting what Obama has said all along–that it isn’t experience but judgment that counts most.
And here’s a completely different possibility: It may be that Obama has succeeded all too well in weakening the experience argument this year. Hillary had far more experience, and he beat her. The whole thrust of his campaign may have prepared the electorate for someone with a lighter resume.

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