Palin? Alaska? Who? Where? Is He Serious?

Quick Gut Reaction: As a longtime pol watcher who reads 2-3 papers a day, I have to say…Who? Who is Gov. Palin of Alaska? She’s a woman, I infer, and that may help some, but there goes the Experience argument. Think Obama has a thin resume? Who’s this One Heartbeat Away?

Part of this has to be the result of our Reg’lar Guy Fantasy. We like to pretend that somehow our leaders are jus’ folks like us, the kind of people you’d see in the morning at Dunkin Donuts or standing in line to buy a mower at Sears.  With McCain already damned for Too Many Houses, he probably backed off on Romney, another person who’d be deemed excessively rich.  More as this develops. Meanwhile, I’m using Google Maps to find this woman.


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